Bathroom Trends To Consider

We love watching the creativeness of different styles appear every year, and then bringing the styles into our fantastic client’s homes. But there are a few trends that we’ve noticed recently that might not be the most appropriate strategies to follow. Below are the top three trends we don’t recommend.

1. Ornate Tile Designs

Unique and intricate tile designs are an exciting way to take your bathroom’s design to the highest level. Designs like basketweave, herringbone and windmill are popular in all of the Pacific Northwest, and can be found on Pinterest. However, laying these kinds of tiles can be an extremely difficult task to master and they are a bold option that may not contribute to the value of your home’s resale. If you’re absolutely determined to go with an intricate tile design, we’d advise it to be reserved for your home for the long haul and to be completed by a skilled tile installer.

2. All White Everything

Its combination with white subway tiles and marble with a light color is a stunning choice that homeowners are thrilled to have inside their bathroom. But, they aren’t stunning for very long because they’re very difficult to clean and maintain. If you want to use this style to make it more practical it is recommended to choose dark-colored grout such as black or grey, or opting for a lighter-colored tile that is flecked with different shades. A darker grout will not reveal stains as readily and may help make a difference to a minimalist bathroom.

3. Wood Accents

The addition of wood to any space instantly creates warmth and a rustic appearance. While we are in love with the natural appearance and feel of wooden furniture, wood is difficult to keep clean, especially in bathrooms. With all the humidity it’s unlikely to remain beautiful for very long. If you decide to incorporate wood into your bathroom, make sure to keep it from shower, sink and toilet areas. Also, be certain to treat it with a waterproof protective coating. Another more relaxing option could be to use an imitation vinyl tile that mimics the appearance of wood with a simple, water-resistant manner.

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