Kid Friendly Bathroom? How?

Install the Double Vanity

If you have several children who are getting ready for school each morning, you are aware that shared space gets chaotic. With two vanity areas where two children can to clean their teeth and brush their hair simultaneously. This not only saves time, but also help you stay sane since they won’t have to argue over the sink.

Install extra built-ins

When selecting a new shower, take into consideration the person who will use the shower. The majority of showers have built-ins for shampoo and soap however, they’re usually located at an adult’s height. Instead of just stopping there and putting in an additional lower shelf that kids can use to store their toys so that they’ll be able to reach them. When they get older, they will be able to utilize the extra storage space to store other bathing items.

Give a pop of Color

Take your time deciding on the colors you’ll be using in your bathroom for your kids. Instead of filling the room with vibrant colors and animal prints Choose a theme that will not get worn out of within a year or two years. You could consider painting one wall an appealing color, and keeping the rest of your walls neutral to ensure that it doesn’t overwhelm. You can then choose an array of fun, appropriate accessories that are simple to replace after a couple of years.

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